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White Flowers

White is often considered the color of purity and innocence, and as such it is used in many festive or ceremonial occasions, most notably weddings where it is the most prominent color amongst many others. Though it may have this sentiment behind it, white flowers can be used for any number of special occasions aside from weddings as well as just for any old reason such as adding color to the home or as part of a floral arrangement. Many people donít consider white a color (it reflects all colors or has them all, depending on which idea you subscribe to), but in fact the white in flowers stands out and makes an impact immensely on a room as decoration or for a special occasion.

White roses are some of the most popular types of flowers available on the market today. These flowers are used to denote love, both romantic and platonic. Many people often enjoy the simple look the rose and because of the neutrality of the color white, this makes white a wonderful color for gifting this species of flower, which is often associated with more romantic feelings. Magnolias come naturally as white in some species and they are especially beautiful with hints of yellow and other subtle color. This flower works great just on its own or as part of a larger arrangement. Tulips are a popular choice in any color and white comes across as especially rich in this species of flower, which has a slight sheen, further enhancing its color.

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