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Types of Flowers

There are many different types of flowers that can be for decorative and ceremonial needs for weddings and other important events. With weddings, for example, most people think of roses, but there are many other species of flower that can express the warm emotions and look beautiful. More and more people have begun to explore the different types of festive flowers out there to break the mold as well as express their own personal tastes. In the past, florography, creating meaning through flowers and their associated ideas (roses = love), was an extremely popular practice and these days the practice is being revived as people have access to greater species of flowers.

As mentioned above, roses are considered one of the most popular types of flowers for weddings and other special events. There are many different types of rose, however, each with its own sentiment. White roses and other colors open the door for weddings to have more original color schemes as well as provide meaning. But celebrations, including weddings, should be limited to only roses.

Lilies and calla lilies are style of flower that departs greatly from the basic look of roses. They are wide and have speckles of color within the main color of the flower that provide wonderful contrast. Hydrangea and carnations are much bolder in their size and the brightness of their color and they work great in centerpieces with combinations of other styles of plants. Orchids are another style of plant that has some of the greatest color complexity and vibrancy that is splendid on its own and with other flowers.

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