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Summer Wedding Flowers

A wedding is an incredibly special and significant event and an astounding amount of planning goes into making sure that every detail is exactly how the bride and groom have panned it. One of the major decisions that will help shape the theme and tone of the wedding is the date. The season in which a couple get married often dictates which colors and embellishments are used. This is most evident in the selection of the flowers. Red roses are often used in winter to pop against the white of fresh fallen snow and oranges and deep greens are a perfect complement to the beautiful backdrop of autumn. Summer wedding flowers can truly encompass any color one wishes; however, they are typically bright and vibrant. Nothing expresses the vivacity of a summer bride like a fresh bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Summer weddings are perfect for bold arrangements meant to outshine even the midday sun.

For the less traditional summer bride, a bouquet of fresh wildflowers gathered loosely with a ribbon may be the perfect choice. Wildflowers help to express the sense of wonder, adventure, and slight abandon that comes with the joining of two people and the start of a new life together. Wildflowers may also be a nice, cost saving option if the bride and groom are able to gather them together from nearby fields. As they are by definition not perfectly arranged, wildflowers are also an excellent option for those planning to create their own flowers. You can truly do now wrong when arranging a bouquet of gorgeous wildflowers for your summer wedding.

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