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Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are some of the most fragrant and colorful flowers that can be found anytime of the year. These flowers are wonderful to have in the home in the early part of the year as the weather begins to turn from a harsh cold to a warm and moist season that encourages the rapid growth of many plants and lays the ground work for the coming growing season. Many people also associate the colors of these flowers with the summer and all the great hot weather that is just a couple of months away. For this reason, many people look forward to these first flowers of the new year and eagerly purchase them for their home in large bunches or floral arrangements when the time of year comes around.

Daffodils are some of the most popular of flowers of the spring. These flowers are bright yellow blossoms with ray petals that surround a very pronounced trumpet blossom that protects the style of the plant. Many communities celebrate the ripe harvest of these flowers with parades and bunches of these can be found in many different stores and groceries. Crocuses are the most emblematic of the flowers of the spring as they often are seen growing up through the late snow of the winter. These flowers come in many different colors, including white and purple often with streaks of yellow and filaments with bright red. This makes these flowers some of the best to see during the spring and early winter.

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