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Red Flowers

If there’s one species of flower that stands out it’s red flowers. While we may not be talking about an actual species, this type of flower, regardless of the technical species, is the favorite of so many people. Synonymous with feelings of love or of passion, these flowers are considered the most appropriate for holidays like Valentine’s Day and for other special occasions like anniversaries. Additionally, the red color of many flowers goes well with a number of different floral arrangements.

Though roses are the best known of the species of red flowers, there are plenty of other species of flowers that also have this wonderful color as a distinct feature of their color as well. Red roses may have the reputations for indicating passion, but these other species of flowers can go well with floral arrangements for the fall, where warm hues like orange and yellow are used. Red also serves as a great complement to the color green as well, so those looking to create their own arrangements can certainly use these colored flowers for many different types of circumstances. Lilies are an especially popular choice of flower in this color. Their wide ray petals are eye catching and are often complimented by yellow filaments that contrast wonderfully with the deep red mixed with just a hint of black. These types of flowers go well in spring floral arrangements, as their color seems to just shout the wonderful feeling of life that occurs during the early part of the year.

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