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Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are a classic choice of flower for many occasions. Whether itís for a wedding, party, or just for decorating the home, these flowers add a splash of color and class to a home. Purple has long been viewed by many cultures as the color of royalty and prestige because of the cost of producing this color in centuries past. Though this distinction has faded out as modern methods allow this color to be used by anyone, it still carries this air with it. Additionally, purple has a very subtle yet powerful presence, meaning it gets noticed without being loud.

This attribute is something many people greatly appreciate about these flowers. For this reason, they are often combined in many different floral arrangements, especially for weddings, where the soft colors is great for adding spice to the basic whites that are often the key color of these ceremonies. The same goes for other floral arrangements that have very bright flowers that are red or yellow. This color can fill in the gaps without being contrasting as white or other light colors might be.

There are many popular flowers that grow this color naturally. Tulips have been crossbred for centuries to have many different shades of purple, often within a single plant. Morning glory flowers also grow this color as well as other seasonal garden plants like rosemary. Other flowers like carnations, daisies and roses can be found with this color as well, but most of these are dyed rather than breed to have this specific look.

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