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Morning Glory Flowers

Morning glory flowers are bright flowers of yellow, blue, purple, and red that can grow up to eight inches in diameter, although most are about four inches. These flowers have a funnel like shape to them with heart shaped petals that give the entire blossom a circular shape to it. The color is usually dark on its edges and turns brighter at the interior as the petals reach the interior of the plant. Streams of different colors go through the center of the petal, which gives the plant an overall complex color variation. From plant to plant there are many different specific shades, so these flowers are a joy to explore and enjoy each year as new blossoms arrive in gardens.

As the name implies, these plants blossom in the morning and day by the end of the day. Each new day a new blossom blooms and passes. The bud unravels a new bud each day and it appears as if the blossom is continually fresh and bright. This attribute makes this plant beautiful to look at and especially wonderful to have in a garden. It also makes it absolutely necessary to have an actual plant as these blossoms cannot last long enough to be purchased in a floristís shop.

The plants grow as long vines that can actually be quite invasive to local areas. Therefore this plant should be carefully monitored and trimmed to make sure that it doesnít crowd out other types of plant within a garden. It is a perennial in frost-free areas.

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