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Hawaiian Flowers

Even if you arenít from Hawaii, you can enjoy the beautiful colors of Hawaiian flowers almost wherever you live. The Web has created many different suppliers of these unique tropical plants, which many people fall in love with during trips to the island as they are a classic symbol of its overall beauty. Unfortunately, most people donít live in a tropical environment, so it isnít possible to grow these plants to enjoy at home. Nonetheless, these products are still available to beautifully accent the home or a special occasion like a wedding.

Leis are wreathes of flowers that are worn around the neck. These are probably one of the most lasting images of the islandsí flowers. Leis can consist of almost any type of non-thorny flower and they can easily be made by sowing together the buds of plants. However, they look much better when using the native tropical plants of the islands.

Birds of paradise is a very common type of Hawaiian flower that is also a troublesome plant to work with. These flowers resemble the spread wings of a bird with various bright colors ranging from bright yellows to subtle blues. Though wonderful to look at, these flowers take about five years to bloom. Other common flowers like orchids from the region as well. These plants grow especially well in this region with its high temperature and moist air. Protea are a large to small flower with an intense woven center with bright ray petals, which is wonderful addition to any bouquet or centerpiece.

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