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Chapter 4: Wedding Floral Arrangements

When you are preparing for your wedding consider what floral arrangements you will want to make the big day beautiful. Flowers are an integral part of weddings. The arrangements that are used for weddings are many and you can use more than one arrangement for the wedding. Consider if you want people to wear corsages or not and what flowers will look best with the outfits the bridal party will be wearing. Also consider how many bouquets you will want. There could be one for the bridal party or there could be many for the guests and others to enjoy. Also take time to consider how much you want to spend and stick to your budget after doing research of how much you will expect to pay for your floral arrangements.

You will want to have plenty of time to decide on a florist and the arrangement of your liking for your wedding. Take time to look at different shops and talk to the florists about what you want for that day. Also remember to read online reviews to make sure you are going with a reputable florist. Compare florists for price ranges and to see where you can get the best deals.

Once you decide on a florist you will be working as a team together. They will let you know what you need for your wedding and you will have own ideas of what you want as well. You might want to go with seasonal floral arrangements as it is cheaper to get flowers that are more common at the time. It will be harder to get flowers that are out of season and it will cost more as well.

Consider what flowers you want in your bouquets. You will most likely want a bouquet for each member of the bridal party. Consider what will look best with the outfits that are being worn and the venue that you are using. If you have preferred colors see how you can work them in to your wedding with the help of your florist.

Boutonnieres are an important part of the wedding outfit for the groom and the men that are involved in the bridal party. Boutonnieres go in the suit or tuxedos lapels. Consider the type of wedding you are having and if boutonnieres is a necessity.

Corsages are worn by the women of the bridal party. They are usually on the women’s arm near her wrist or above the neck. Once again you can use creativity for the flowers you want in corsages.

It will be important to have flowers that decorate the venue where you are getting married. This will include the aisle as well as wherever else the bridal party is located. The flowers can be chosen based on what you want and what looks best for the venue and for you, as well. Also consider that you will want flowers for your after party. They can be either on every table or located throughout the venue based on what you feel will look best.

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