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April Flowers

April is an important part of the growing season for gardeners. Soon after the beginning of spring, plants of all types begin to bloom as spring showers give them the water they need and the temperature rises. There are loads of popular types of April flowers, which can be sown early in the year to blossom just as the year begins to warm. They are a wonderful reminder of the growing season thatís yet to come and are a perfect way to bring color to the home after so many months spent without.

Daffodils are some of the more popular flowers to blossom during this period. Many communities celebrate the spring season with festivities surrounding this vibrantly colored yellow flower with its rich green stalk. These flowers look great tied in a bundle in the home or for any celebratory event. Rhododendron is also a wonderful plant that when seen on its own in the garden is a practical cornucopia of bright pinks and whites. These flowers grow abundantly when the growing season occurs and so are great to fill the home with as much as possible. Additionally, more delicate flowers like irises, painted trillium, and pink lady can also be found during this time of year. These flowers have great unique shapes as well as color patterns, which a wonderful spectacle to see.

For gardeners, itís well worth the time and effort to sow these plants during the winter to get them ready for spring. The gorgeous colors are a reward well worth it.

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