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Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are flowers, which last only one growing season. Like many different plants, they grow until they can seed and then fade away. These plants are for this reason, some of the most vibrant and colorful plants that put all their energy into attracting bees and other pollen spreading creatures in order to ensure that they reproduce. For people, it means they can have gorgeous bright flowers that add great color to the home or to special events like weddings. The flowers are almost always reflective of the summer or spring seasons, which is a wonderful contribution to any special celebratory occasion. For the home, it makes one feel in the moment, much like eating fresh fruits. There are many different species of this type of plant, many of which are easy to find in the right season or plant in the garden.

Geraniums are a very popular type of annual. These plants have a very large wide circular flower with coloring that is bright with many different variations within a single petal. These flowers are great when grown and tied together in bunches to create an extremely lavish centerpiece for the home or special events. Sapphire flower and wishbone flower are two types of annuals, which grow in varying shades of purple or lavender. This is an especially unique color, one which stands out among more common bright colors like orange and reds found in other plants like tulips, which however, is not an annual.

Though these plants only last one year, they have different growing seasons than just the warmer months. Their colors can be found throughout the year and gardeners can successfully time their sowing to get bright colors even in the fall.

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